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7/11/2009 9:08 PM

Smith & Hawken, Palm Beach Gardens Store

On Thursday I reported that Smith & Hawken is liquidating. Today I drove up to the Palm Beach Gardens Smith & Hawken store in the Downtown at the Gardens Mall looking for some bargains. Yeah, I really did not find any. Sure, the sign in the window says everything in the store is marked down 20 to 30%, but when they start out pricing everything high your final savings really is not that great.

I spent an hour in the store wandering around and looking at their over-priced stuff searching for something or somethings that I just could not do without and found some really cool stuff that I definitely did not need.

In the end I walk out of the store having spent a grand total of $45.00. I bought a pair of “Deluxe” hedge clipping shears which cost $23.00 with the 20% discount (I do need these because it was getting very tiresome cutting my handful of bushes with lawn shears), 6 packs of Renee’s Garden seeds ($2 each – big deal, I saved 79 cents a pack), and an Aromatic Lawn Seed Shaker can for $6.99 (marked down from $15.00, probably the biggest bargain – if the seeds actually sprout and grow for me).

Smith & Hawken Liquidation The 6 packs of seeds I bought are Catmint (Nepeta mussini) for my pussycats, Nasturtiums (“Creamsicle”, which is an orange colored flower; “Cherries Jubilee”, which is a cherry-red colored flower; and “Empress of India”, which is a red colored flower), Lavender Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) and Scented Nicotiana (Jasmine Alata -- Nicotiana alata). The Aromatic Lawn Seed Shaker is a “low-growing mixture of clover (Trifolium repens), flowers (Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritime; Yarrow, Achillea millefolium;) and herbs (Chamomile and Thyme) which creates a sensual combination of textures, color and scents. Fresh fragrances will fill the air when plants are walked on or cut”.

Did I need the seeds? No, not really. But, my other flowers that I planted from seed earlier in the season are beginning to peter-out so I needed to find some new flowers to plant in their spots and I really could not find seeds like these in the “big box” retailers – I would have to order them on line (which is a gripe I have for another blog at another time – the lack of interesting plants and flowers available from the big box stores). Anyway, if you are looking for some unique gardening goodies from Smith & Hawken, you better hurry – I do not think their inventory is going to last long.

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