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Dec 6

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12/6/2009 10:17 PM

Yes! Got our Christmas twinkle lights, icicle lights, doe, buck, fawn, moose, candy canes and wreaths up today! I have some strict rules on when the decorations go up: 1) It must be after Thanksgiving, 2) At least 1 cold front must be passing or have passed through, 3) The lawn must be cut and the rosemary bushes shaped, and 4) The house must be washed. Only after all of the above conditions are met may our Christmas lights and decorations go up. Even with all those conditions I beat out the people up the street; They were not happy about it – I could hear them grousing two houses down – “I told you we should have put up our lights today, but NOOOO! Look, he beat us!”

Christmas tree-shaped Rosemary, click to enlarge.

Usually it takes me two to three days to get the Christmas decorations up, but I got smart about it! Last year, when I was taking the decorations down I marked all of the boxes as to where they went and put their extension cords and hangers and stuff with them in 1 spot in the attic so I could find everything without a big production and goose hunt. It worked! It worked really well.

The thing about Christmas decorations, especially the doe, buck, fawn and moose is that they are like a Chinese puzzle, I mean, look at that picture of the moose! That can drive almost anyone without patience crazy. I need to put the doe down this year, her front legs are burnt. I attempted to trace the fault in the wire -- twice, but gave up in disgust (twice) – another Chinese puzzle!

Chinese Puzzle Moose Christmas Decoration, click to enlarge.

We are not done yet though. I need to balance off the north side of the yard with another line of 5 red and 5 green candy canes and another strand of 100 white lights to go around my standard Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata).

FloridaGardener's Christmas Lights 2009, click to enlarge.

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