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Mar 29

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3/29/2010 6:58 PM

What a nice weekend we had in South Florida here at the end of March 2010. Saturday was sunny with a nice coolness to the wind. Sunday was a little windy, overcast and humid. But, it was a nice day, nonetheless to work in the garden. I hope you were able to get outside in your garden this weekend.


I love the look of the window box. Not many Florida abodes make use of them, which is a shame. I think it is a decoration that should be more widely used as it gives an additional dimension to the garden landscape. Look at mine; you must love the colors it brings to the space! Actually mine should properly be called a window basket as it is made of an open hard wire form with a coir liner. I think I bought it from WalMart for like $15. Put some good potting soil in it and colorful flowers and viola! -- an Easter ornament to your neighbors.

Window dressing helps to brighten the yard.

What I really love is being able to walk out in my garden and harvest some fresh vegetables for dinner. Today I brought in some mesclun, a couple of tiny baby radishes, heirloom tomatoes and white spring onions. I breaded a pound of calamari from Carmine’s Gourmet Market (that my dear wife sliced-up) with Zatarian’s Crispy Southern Seasoned Fish Fri and my lovely wife did the final preparation of my mesclun, spring onions and heirloom tomatoes and we had a fantastic young greens salad with fried calamari on top – awesome!


The great thing about rustling up your own grub for dinner from your garden is that you know what went onto your plants before you collected them to eat. In my case (I am mostly an organic grower) no dangerous pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used in my garden and on the vegetables, fruits and flowers that my wife and me eat. Remember the old saying that “You are what you eat!”


I weeded my veggie patch. I have some tomato plants from the start of the cool growing season that I am nursing along. I have white onions growing that I started from a bag of those little white onions that you can buy at Publix. I tried my hand at growing garlic this year. Growing garlic in South Florida is tricky. Most often, because we do not experience extended cold spells, garlic will not successfully grow down here. I bought a box of Elephant garlic at Publix and planted the cloves back in December. I pulled-up some little bulbs (not quite major cloves) because the green leaves had died down. I will let them cure to see what I have.


I sowed an envelope of Ferry-Morse Champion Radish seeds between my cauliflower plants. Supposedly they will be ready for harvest in 28 days. I planted a pack of Ferry-Morse Sparkler Radishes at the beginning of the month and they are starting to plump out now. I pulled some mesclun that was dieing out and planted Burpee Baby’s Leaf Hybrid Spinach seeds in their place.

Fresh greens raised organically.

Finally for the fauna in the FG Garden -- I have 2 Purple Martins in the house. I am very excited. I put up the Purple Martin house (that I bought from Lowes with the extendable pole and ground socket) for the birds the beginning of last year. Some birds saw it on their way south, remembered it and are now roosting here on their way back up north. Hopefully we will have some baby marty-birdies this year. It is very interesting to see how positively YOU can alter your environment by putting up a simple plastic Purple Martin house on a pole. It is really easy and will make you feel good when you have a flock of Purple Martins in your garden. Your stewardship will be appreciated by many.


Happy Gardening! Save the Earth! Happy Spring! SMALL PIG WOBBLER




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