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6/12/2010 10:00 PM

Are you a serious gardener? Most of us are not, but I follow a few of them on Twitter. @Interleafer, @BloominKrazy, @kissmyaster, for example, this is their regular job all day. These guys and gals do something garden related everyday, all day and tweet or blog about it. Me? I am an evening and weekend warrior. If I get home from work before dark at the end of the day I like to walk the yard and see what is new with my personal piece of nature.

The weekends though are for the big jobs. I just don’t cut the grass, “Je frise” it. For me, this tends to be an all day event. Sure, I can mow the turf, weed-whack the borders and use the leaf blower to clear the grass cuttings off the pavement in an hour and a half, but when I say “I gotta cut the grass.” It involves much more than that.

This weekend is a good example of being a friseur. My wife woke me up early and after the humidity dried on the grass I started working in my vegetable garden pulling out the weeds, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, kholoarbi and mesclun lettuce (which went to seed last weekend). I planted my root crops too late this year and the heat got them before they could produce. Oh well, I will know better next time.

After that, I planted some seeds for crops that do not mind the heat and humidity – okra (Burkee Clemson Spineless), green beans (Ferry-MorseTendergreen Bush) and hot peppers (Chili Pepper Institute Bhut Jolokia). My ‘Tomaccio’ “Raisin Tomatoes” have some sort of fungus. I mixed-up a neem oil and sprayed them, then I dusted them with AZOMITE Rock Powder.  I used to try to sell AZOMITE Rock Powder in the FloridaGardener Garden Store, but no one would ever buy it and I ended-up buying it myself and using it on my own vegetables!

My family of Purple Martins left for “up north” this week. I lowered our Purple Martin house and rinsed-out their nesting material then mixed a bucket of Dawn Dish Washing detergent and Dial germ-killing hand soap and scrubbed the house from top to bottom for next season’s tenants.

Next, I pulled weeds out of my front flower bed and sprinkled in what I had left of my wild flower seeds. Hose watered some of my plants out front then took a shower and a nap. Hey, don’t make fun of my nap, studies show that naps are good for your body and brain.

Speaking of what is good for the body. You know that it is hot out there. It has been in the low 90’s the last several days. Remember that it is good for your health to get out of the heat, cool down and hydrate. Do not overdo it out there, the heat can hurt you.

One last note; my daylilies are starting to bloom like crazy. Here is a picture of a group I have in a pot at the corner of the house. Yes, that is our SWA can behind it, but that is why the daylilies are there, to help distract you from looking at the trash can. Speaking of trash cans, if you are a long-time Floridian you can remember back to when we had in ground trash cans. I haven’t seen one of those in a while. The idea was that your trash can stayed at the curb in a type of trash can vault with a cover lid that you would flip-up by pressing on it with your foot. As I remember them, the trash cans were not very big. Maybe only a quarter of the size of the monster cans we have today. Which really says a lot about how much we waste nowadays you would think that it would be the other way around knowing as much as we do about recycling and conservation and such now.

The blue of the trash can helps to visually cool the hot colors of the flowers. Click to enlarge.

Happy Gardening!




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