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By host on 3/8/2014 1:13 PM

Homegrown strawberries are a billion times better tasting than the hard, rarely ripe, flavorless selection in the supermarket. Strawberries are cold-hardy and adaptable, making them one of the easiest berries to grow.

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By host on 8/27/2013 8:05 PM

Few things in this world are more rewarding than being able to eat something you’ve grown yourself. I remember the first time I plucked a fresh tomato off the vine—breathing in its sweet aroma, biting into its soft flesh and juicy interior—the feeling was surreal.

By host on 4/17/2013 7:09 PM

It is no secret that every chef's best friend in the kitchen is some fresh produce and herbs but it isn't always that easy to come across. Yes, you can go to the grocery store or local organic market to buy produce but why not take it an additional step closer to organic and try growing your own garden? For virtually every recipe this summer, try these 5 things that every chef needs to make their kitchen complete.
By host on 4/15/2013 7:27 PM

Whether you live in suburbia or in the heart of a city, there are perks and downfalls to every lifestyle, but the best thing about any environment is the ability to plant a garden virtually anywhere. Whether you are planting a vegetable garden or a flower garden, don’t let the environment you are in hold you back.

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By host on 4/6/2013 1:03 PM

Some folks might chuckle a little when they hear the word gout. But if you are unlucky enough to experience an attack of gout in your big toe, it is no laughing matter -- it is very painful.

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By host on 6/11/2012 7:54 PM

God said: "Frank, you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there on Earth?...

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By host on 8/21/2011 10:07 PM

Photograph by Michael David Hill, 2005. anyone gets to see him and yet almost everyone has an opinion about him. Because with his hills he transforms flat, painstakingly manicured lawns into a landscape of craters, he is anything but popular. Interested to learn more about the industrious burrowers in the ground, we asked the mole for an interview.

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By host on 7/17/2011 6:40 PM

I enjoy doing yard work on the weekends, it gives me time to clear my mind and think about new gardening articles that I can write.
By host on 6/19/2011 7:55 PM

So you found a baby bird that fell out of its nest. If the baby bird looks the same age as the Grackle fledgling below – leave it alone!

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By host on 5/30/2011 1:09 PM

I was reading my June 2011 issue of Mein Schoener Garten which is a German gardening magazine that proclaims itself to be “Europe’s Biggest Garden Magazine”. I love reading German gardening magazines because I absolutely adore the gardening style of the Germans and they often have some of the neatest gardening tools and accessories...

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