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Dec 23

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12/23/2010 10:47 PM

If you know where to look then squint your eyes a little, you could fool yourself into thinking that you are up north somewhere, not South Florida. Unusual cold weather has shut down many deciduous plants early and forced the colors of autumn into their leaves. The reds, oranges and yellows of fall are now on glorious display here in South Florida. But look quickly because with the next cold front the leaves will turn brown, shrivel-up and drop.

Where do the colors come from? They are always in the leaves’ pigmentation, but covered by the green of the leaves’ chlorophyll. But since the leaves are no longer photosynthesizing the sun’s energy into glucose, chlorophyll is no longer being produced so those pigments are shining through.

Below are pictures of Florida Pond Cypress and Red Maple:


Floprida Pond Cypress. Click to enlarge. Florida Red Maple. Click to enlarge. Florida Red maple. Click to enlarge. Florida Red Maple. Click to enlarge.


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