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May 21

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5/21/2011 7:46 PM

The Billion Tree Campaign is a global tree planting initiative facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme.


It is under the patronage of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Wangari Maathai and His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, and aims to raise awareness of the linkages between planting trees and climate change mitigation, the restoration of biodiversity, air and soil quality and food security.


To join the campaign, civil society organizations, farmers, governments, local authorities, private individuals, private sector companies, schools, United Nations agencies, and the public at large make tree planting pledges on the campaign’s website < > with the objective of planting billions of trees worldwide.


Once the pledged trees are planted, Billion Tree Campaign participants are required to re-visit the website and confirm the number planted. We encourage participants to send press releases, pictures or any audiovisual products that they may have from their tree planting activities, which could get featured on the campaign’s website.


The campaign, a UN 21 Award winner has continued to grow and evolve since its launch which was in November 2006 during the UN climate change conference held in Nairobi.  Today the campaign’s website registers an unprecedented 11 billion planted trees by participants from 192 countries.


As 2011 is the International Year of Forests, we call upon all our participants and partners to plant more trees in celebration.


Every tree counts and we count every tree – we look forward to partnering with you.


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