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May 30

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5/30/2011 1:09 PM

I was reading my June 2011 issue of Mein Schoener Garten which is a German gardening magazine that proclaims itself to be “Europe’s Biggest Garden Magazine”. I love reading German gardening magazines because I absolutely adore the gardening style of the Germans and they often have some of the neatest gardening tools and accessories. The one garden accessory that really drew my attention was the “elastic coat” for garden hoses (pictured below). After going to the German website which is selling these, lo and behold I find out that they are actually from a company in the good old USA by the name of Dirt Couture.

Exotic Garden Hose Covers. Image Source:

Dirt Couture launched their website in spring of 2010 with their own original design of Hose Clothes, a water-friendly slipcover for the garden hose. Beyond that, what they do is find garden artisans “all over the world toiling away in their kitchens, basements and garden sheds and creating fine handcrafted garden products that can’t be matched by factory fare”. Dirt Couture searches out fine hand-made garden products and selects “only the best” for their customers. The Dirt Couture web site is definitely worth a little look see!


Anyway, about Hose Clothes -- they are made from strong water-friendly fabric (100% polyester) that dries fast, resists mildew and cleans up when hosed off. Hose Clothes employ an “Easy slip-on technology” that offers a snug fit for 5/8” diameter hoses. Sizes come in 25’ ($24) or 50’ ($34) lengths and 3 different wild prints (leopard, green patterned and blue patterned). Buy them here.


Happy Gardening!



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