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Jul 17

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7/17/2011 6:40 PM

I enjoy doing yard work on the weekends, it gives me time to clear my mind and think about new gardening articles that I can write.


On Saturday I tootled off to the Royal Palm Beach Lowe’s to purchase nylon line for my string trimmer and a new bottle of 2-Cycle oil for both my string trimmer and leaf blower. Oh yeah, I also needed a bag of wildflower seeds to sow in my bare xerophytic south facing next to the house flower bed.


While at Lowe’s I saw an Ole’ Headwear straw gardening hat with a nice wide brim for like $10 – I had to have it! I love the smell of straw hats and just had to have it to add to my collection of lids.

Ole' garden hat

I also noticed plastic pink flamingos throughout the store. I tried my best to ignore them, but I couldn’t. I walked around the store thinking if there was anything else that I needed for the yard while there, but I could not think of anything else.


They had a saw-top machete that I looked at, but I really do not need to whack at anything in my garden (yet) with a machete, so I passed on it. But on every aisle I walked down, there was at least 1 pink flamingo stuck in the rack. Rather persistent marketing, I thought. So I approached a flock of pink plastic mold-blown flamingos that they had set up around a pond scene. The Lowe’s flamingos have a tag saying that they are made in the USA, but they are not Cado Company Don Featherstone  (Union Products Originals) flamingos, too short and they have a detachable beak. Lowe’s has the “cheep”, “cheep”, “cheep” knock-offs. But at $4.98 each, they are affordable for me. Especially since they will probably blow away somewhere down the block or into the canal behind the house during an especially rough South Florida summer afternoon T-storm; but, then again, they will look good with the pink zinnias in bloom now. OK, I’ll just buy two of them, one upright and one feeding.


I got home and sowed my wildflower seeds, then put the flamingos out. Oh, by the way, the wife says she hates fake pink plastic flamingos because “They are so 1950’s Florida. They are just so tacky.” Uh oh! But when she came out the front door and saw them she said, “Oh, pink plastic flamingos now huh? You know I hate them… Why did you buy only two?” Ah! She loves them. Then I explained how they match the pink zinnias that are bloom there with them now. “Oh….” She said. That was all it took. She kind of likes them now. I think.

Plastic Pink Flamingos

For me, my plastic fake knock-off pink flamingoes go great with my plastic and resin garden gnomes, original Dutch Penn Hex over the garage, fake flashing fireflies in my orange jasmine bush and cast resin pussy cats under the crooked park bench. Life in the kitschy Florida garden is good!


Happy Gardening,



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