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1. Do you feed the birds?

Yes (220) 64%
No (125) 36%

2. Do you cut your own lawn?

Yes (263) 77%
No (80) 23%

3. Do you have a butterfly garden?

No (179) 52%
Yes (167) 48%

4. Do you collect odd growing or weird looking plants?

Yes (35) 46%
No (41) 54%

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New Post 7/17/2015 2:26 AM
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Peach pest  (Vietnam)
Modified By truongthanh  on 6/15/2016 2:25:00 AM)

My peaches are 3/4 full. There getting destroyed by multiple pest. Is there any kind of spray I can use to try and save some. (may nen khi fusheng)

If so what precautions should be taken before I use them. Thanks


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  Forum  Discussions  Plant Diseases  Peach pest
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