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Florida Native Plant Section

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Clusia rosea

 Clusia, Autograph Tree, Pitch Apple

A dense, neat looking tree that is very salt, wind, and drought tolerant. Known as autograph tree because guests to your home can scratch their name onto the surface of a leaf and the mark will remain for quite a long time. The leaf below was photographed in January of 2001. 

Clusia, Autograph Tree, Pitch Apple, Clusia rosea


Clusia leaf bearing and "autograph". Click to enlarge.

Clusia seed pod. Click to enlarge.

Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Clusia, Autograph Tree, Pitch Apple

Botanical Name:   Clusia rosea

Plant Type:  Evergreen tree

Zones: 10-11

Height:  30'

Soil Requirements:  Various, aggressive roots can make the best of any situation.

Water Requirements: High drought tolerance.

Light Requirements: Full sun to part shade.

Leaves:  Oval, thick, leathery leaves from 5-7" long.

Flowers: Showy, drooping, 3" flowers with thick white and pink petals and yellow stamens. Blooms during warmest months.

Fruit: Woody, 3" green pod that turns brownish and splits to reveal black seeds in red flesh.

Uses:  Good shade tree for dry locations or dry locations near bodies of salt water.

Propagation:  Seeds, cuttings.

Source:  Native Florida Plants: Low-Maintenance Landscaping and Gardening

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