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Florida Native Plant Section

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Ilex cassine

Dahoon Holly

The bright red berries of this very attractive native tree attract hungry birds in the winter and look great in Christmas wreaths and other decorations. Dahoon Holly can be grown in woodland plantings, and wet areas at the edge of lakes and streams throughout the state. Dahoon Holly tolerates brackish water, salt spray, and can be grown in low light swampy areas. 


Dahoon Holly  makes an attractive landscape plant. Click Image to Enlarge.

Dahoon Holly makes an attractive landscape plant.
Click Image to Enlarge.

Beautiful red Dahoon Holly Berries. Click to enlarge.

Because the Dahoon Holly is one of several species of plants whose male and female flowers are on separate plants, only the female Dahoon Holly will produce the bright red berries for which this holly is best known. Click Image to enlarge.

Dahoon Holly, Ilex cassine, Cassine Holly

Dahoon Holly, Ilex cassine, Cassine Holly


Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Dahoon Holly

Botanical Name:   Ilex cassine

Plant Type:  Slow growing evergreen tree or bush (deciduous in more northern areas).

Zones: 5-10

Height:  to 30'

Soil Requirements:  Damp or dry locations. Any type sandy soil.

Water Requirements: Must be watered during dry periods if not planted in a damp location.

Light Requirements: Part to full sun.

Leaves:  Oblong to lance shaped, shiny, mid-green to 2" long.

Flowers: Small, white

Fruit: Trees with bright red berries are the most sought after, but berry colors may be orange, red, or yellow.

Uses:  Woodland plantings, and wet areas at the edge of lakes and streams, birds love to eat the berries and use the trees for nest sites.  Makes a great specimen or roadside tree.

Propagation:  Seeds and semi-ripe cuttings (taken in summer or early autumn)

Source:  American Horticultural Society A to Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants


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