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Florida Native Plant Section

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Passiflora incarnata

 Maypop, Passionflower

Beautiful and native, but this perennial vine may be considered a weed and can be invasive. Larval plant for Zebra longwing, Julia and Gulf fritillary butterflies.

Maypop, Passionflower, Passiflora incarnata


Maypop -- bluish-purple, click to enlarge

Maypop -- rare cream color? Click to enlarge.

Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Maypop, Passionflower

Botanical Name:   Passiflora incarnata

Plant Type:  Vine

Zones: 7-11

Height:  Creeping stems may reach several feet long, prostrate on the ground or climbing over fences and shrubs.

Soil Requirements:  Prefers dry locations.

Water Requirements: Good drought tolerance.

Light Requirements: Full sun

Leaves:  Tri-lobed, 3-6" long.

Flowers: Showy, fringed, bluish-purple flowers, 2-3 inches across, with 5 petals and 5 sepals, blooms most of the year.

Fruit: Oval, green to yellow edible berry, 2 inches long, with dark brown seeds.

Uses:  Superb host plant for butterflies.

Propagation:  Seeds, root shoots.

Source:  Native Florida Plants: Low-Maintenance Landscaping and Gardening

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