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Florida Native Plant Section

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Pinus elliottii

 Slash Pine, pitch pine, southern pine, South Florida slash pine, swamp pine, yellow pine, Dade County pine

Slash pine has had and continues to have great economic value as a timber tree for lumber, pulp and paper, and formerly for the production of turpentine. Its common name, slash, is derived from the method of extracting the resin from the trees by scoring, or slashing the trees to start resin flow. Two geographic varieties exist: for northern Florida Pinus elliottii var. elliottii and Pinus elliottii var. densa for southern Florida.

Slash Pine


Slash Pine Needles, click to enlarge

Slash Pine bark. Click to enlarge.

Plant Facts:

Common Name:   Slash Pine, pitch pine, southern pine, Northern Slash Pine, South Florida slash pine, swamp pine, yellow pine, Dade County pine

Botanical Name:   Pinus elliottii

Plant Type:  Evergreen tree

Zones: 7-10

Height:  To 100'

Soil Requirements:  Sandy, dry soils.

Water Requirements: Good drought tolerance. When it is established, do not water. Do not fertilize. Keep any and all heavy machinery away from the root area of these trees. 

Light Requirements: Full sun.

Leaves:  Dark green needles 10"-12'.

Flowers: Inconspicuous

Fruit: Cones 6"-10" long.

Uses:  Shade and landscape tree.

Propagation:  Seeds

Source:  Native Florida Plants: Low-Maintenance Landscaping and Gardening

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