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Last Update 06/03/08

Plans for a 32' x 10' x 10' Greenhouse

Interested in Building Your Own Greenhouse? Here is How --

Continued -- Back to page 2

Illustration 3

greenhouse3.gif (16674 bytes)

Construction Continued:

  1. Unroll plastic greenhouse skin being careful not to puncture or step on it.  Drape it over the greenhouse frame.  Begin at the center to fasten plastic to outer wall.  Cut lath strips just the right length to fit between the hoops with an inch away from them on either side to allow for plastic stretching.  Roll the plastic once or twice around the lathe strips toward the inside so rain will roll off.  Nail securely.  Be sure to roll and nail the edge evenly and stretch the skin as tight as possible sideways before securing skin edge.

  2. Next begin at the center on the other side.   Have your helper stretch the skin drum tight.  Work out from the center to each end.

  3. Take the loose ends and test-pull the top to determine how much to trim off to still have enough to roll in lath strips to fasten along the door top, but do not cut it yet.  Try the sides, likewise.  When you have the picture, mark with a laundry marker, trim the extra and find the appropriate spots to cut to make the lathe trim fit the square edges of the door and vent frames.  Pull drum tight.

  4. Fit doors and windows (vents) to ends.   Make them airtight, no leaks, since the efficiency of this greenhouse depends upon vapor tightness.

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