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Last Update 08/28/10

Plans for a 32' x 10' x 10' Greenhouse

Interested in Building Your Own Greenhouse? Here is How --

Greenhouse Materials List

  • 2" x 12" planks for sides of raised beds.  Redwood is recommended.

  • 2" x  4" lumber for top ridge beam, center frame, door, end framing and bracing between beds.

  • Steel T-type fenceposts to cut for staking beds against pressure.

  • 20' x 1/2" steel rebar for reinforcing hoops.

  • 20' x 3/4" PVC pipes for hoops.

  • 3/4" metal pipe pipe hanger brackets with screws.

  • Sufficient 3-year rated, UV-resistant greenhouse plastic to cover length plus ends without seams.  A 10' x 32' greenhouse will require 50' of 20' wide material.  It will come in a 100' roll, leaving enough to replace it after 3 years or to cover another one.

  • Rabbit or gopher wire and U-nails to protect beds from burrowing critters.

  • Soil mix to fill the beds.



To make the greenhouse shorter or longer, subtract or add hoops and planks.  Since the rebar, PVC pipe and plastic skin come in 20' maximum lengths, the width of the greenhouse will be set at 10' when the arch is 10' high in the middle.  You can get wider floorspace by lowering the height and a taller greenhouse by narrowing the width.

If you do not need raised beds (for example, you want potting benches inside instead) make the frame out of all 2x4s with bracing going from one side to the other along the floor.

Greenhouse Illustration 1




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