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Homemade Cow Manure

You can make your own "Cow Manure" from the clippings you catch in your lawn mower bag.

It is easy to make your own home made "Cow Manure" from the clippings you catch in your lawn mower bag.  Here is how:

  1. Get a two large black (black works the best) yard bags.

  2. Open the yard bags then place one inside of the other.

  3. Empty the lawn clippings from your lawn mower bag into the yard bags.

  4. Locate a sunny, but out of the way place to put the now filled bag.

  5. Add two quarts of water to the lawn clippings contained in the bag.   Also add a healthy dose of dried septic tank accelerator.

  6. Close the bag with a tie, but not too tightly -- you will want the gases that are produced to be able to escape the bag.  And, yes, it is going to smell a little "funky" as it ages -- just like the real stuff in a barn yard!

  7. Roll the bag over weekly (be careful as the bag may be hot to the touch due to the natural activities of fermentation).

  8. Depending upon the weather your manure may be ready in 1 to 2 months.   Do not be afraid to open the bag occasionally to check on its consistency.

  9. Doneness often depends upon personal preference.

  10. Apply your manure as you would fresh cow manure.

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Last updated 06/03/08