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Last Update 11/24/13
Book Review

Preserving your bountiful Harvest: Make Your Own Hot Sauce, by Jim Long, Long Creek Herbs

I am a member of the Garden Writers Association (GWA) and sometimes I receive product samples or books from other GWA members to test and review. A few months ago I received an unexpected surprise in the mail, a recipe book named Preserving your bountiful Harvest: Make Your Own Hot Sauce, by Jim Long, founder of Long Creek Herbs located in Blue Eye, Missouri.

I am a chile-head which means that I love hot sauces. So when I tore open the envelope and saw this book within, I became very excited for the prospects. I also love to grow extremely spicy-hot peppers, especially those high on the Scoville Heat Scale like nagas and morugas. I have not had an opportunity to try the Carolina Reaper (said to be the new “World’s Hottest” chili pepper cultivated) yet.

Preserving your bountiful Harvest: Make Your Own Hot Sauce, contains 38 mouth-watering (burning?) hot sauce recipes. All of the recipes except one require some type of vinegar as an essential ingredient. The one recipe that does not require vinegar I found very interesting. It explains how to make Fermented Tabasco Sauce (page 31) using only fresh ripe hot peppers and coarse canning salt

I also liked Happy Jalapeno. Everywhere this little character appears in the book is a helpful “Happy” hint. Here is a hint that I read that I never saw before (page 30) – When making fermented sauce, using a “starter” can speed up the fermentation. Pour yogurt into a strainer and let stand overnight, then use the liquid that drained out to add to your recipe – from a few tablespoons to a quarter cup of liquid.

I found it interesting that the author has to mention the difference between hot sauce and salsa. Maybe because I live in South Florida, I find him having to do that kind of odd (from Long Creek Herbs website): Hot sauce is not the same thing as salsa. Salsa is a dip, or a topping for foods, while hot sauce is a seasoning, used by the drop to give heat as well as flavor to a wide range of foods. You'll find recipes for easy, mild sauces, as well as tongue-scorching sauces made with ghost and scorpion peppers. You adjust the heat by the kind and amount of peppers you use.

Index of Preserving your bountiful Harvest: Make Your Own Hot Sauce

Instant & Uncooked Sauces

9…   Dried Pepper Quick Hot Sauce            11… Quick & Easy Hot Sauce

10… Dried Pepper & Whiskey Hot Sauce     11… Raw Jalapeno Hot Sauce

10… Garlic &  Mixed Chile Hot Sauce           12… Raw Fire Hot Sauce

12… South of the Border Raw Hot Sauce

Cooked Hot Sauces

13… A Simple, Basic Cooked Hot Sauce     19… Renee’s Hot Sauce

14… Basic Cooked Hot Sauce                    20… Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce

15… Butt-Kicking Thai Hot Sauce                21… Roasted Salsa Verde Hot Sauce

16… Cayenne Hot Sauce                            22… Salsa Verde – Green Hot Sauce

16… Golden Habanero Hot Sauce    22… Serrano, Cayenne & Jalapeno Hot Sauce

17… Jalapeno Hot Sauce                23… Slow-Burn Habanero Hot Sauce

18… Mexican Hot Sauce, Canned    24… Smoky Mixed Pepper Hot Sauce

18… Red-Hot Sauce                       25… Spicy Habanero Hot Sauce

26… Tex-Mex Hot Sauce

Fruity Hot Sauces

26… Habanero Mango Hot Sauce             28… Scotch Bonnet & Mango Hot Sauce

27… Peach-Mango Habanero Hot Sauce   29… Spice Islands Hot Sauce

28… Peachy Habanero Hot Sauce            29… West Indies Lime & Chile Sauce

Fermented Hot Sauces

30… Basic Fermented Hot Sauce              32… Siracha Hot Sauce

31… Fermented Tabasco Sauce

Seriously Hot, Adult Sauces

33… Bhut Jolokia & Ghost Peppers    34… Judgement Day Hot Sauce

33… Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce              35… Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Hot Sauce

34… Devil’s Spit Hot Sauce


I told my wife I was doing a book review on hot pepper sauce and she said, “What? How your anus feels the next day after eating that crap?” I chuckled. She is right, of course.

Source: Long Creek Herbs


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