Palm frond reindeer from the "boots" of sable palms.

Make Florida Palm Frond Reindeer

You will need: Palm frond "boots", wiggle eyes, red pom puffs, tinkle bells, bows, glue gun (or Elmer's glue if you will not display your deer in the elements).


The base of the reindeer is a "boot" either pulled from the trunk of a Sable (aka "Cabbage") palm or found lying on the ground underneath one. All you need toCabbage or Sable palm "boots". give the reindeer a personality are some wiggle eyes, a red-puff for the nose, and maybe some bells and bows (all available at any craft shop).

My Florida Reindeer may be a little plain, but that is the traditional way to make them. You can really let your imagination go wild and add all sorts of doo-dads or even paint your Florida Cabbage Palm Reindeer to suit your personality.