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How to Have an All-American Lawn

From Lowe's Home Improvement  Warehouse and Biggs & Stratton


  • Cut lawn once a week.

  • Mow in different patterns to avoid permanent ridges.

  • Only remove top third of grass (about 1") with each cutting. For most lawns, the optimum height is two inches.

  • Always use a sharp mower blade to prevent injury to grass.


  • Provide lawn with approximately one inch of water per week.

  • Water once deeply, instead of several times lightly.

  • Water in early morning or evening to reduce evaporation.


Developing Healthy Soil and roots

  • Test soil to determine which nutrients are needed. Contact a local County Extension Office or nursery for testing information.

  • Feed lawns with a slow-release high nitrogen fertilizer about once every six weeks, beginning in the spring.

  • Fertilize in late fall to keep roots healthy during the winter.

  • Rake thatch (roots, dead leaf sheaths and rootstalks) in spring to allow mowed grass clippings to reach the soil.

  • Aerating the soil a couple times a season may be necessary to allow water and nutrients to reach the grass roots.

Making for a Cleaner Environment

  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn. They decompose quickly and put nutrients back into the soil.

  • Avoid spilling gasoline by filling the mower gas tank only 3/4 full.

  • Wipe up gasoline spills immediately.

  • Check oil on lawn mower regularly. Add oil as needed.

  • Check spark plug and clean or replace air filter each year.

  • Every two years, take lawn mower to an experienced service technician for a safety and maintenance inspection.


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