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An Old Time Planting Method

 Planting By The Moon

An ancient tradition maintains that planting times should correspond to certain phases of the Moon.

Roots and bulbs should be planted when the Moon is waning. Leafy, flowering, and fruiting plants that grow above ground when the moon is waxing.

Plant seeds or transplants of leafy plants, and plants that carry their seeds on the outside of the fruit (i.e. strawberries and corn) when the Moon is between the new and first quarter. When the Moon is between the first quarter and full, sow or transplant plants that produce seeds inside their fruit. Plant bulbs and root crops between Full Moon and last quarter. Do not plant anything between last quarter and New Moon. The week before the New Moon is a good time to pull weeds.


Moon Rise Facts

The New Moon always rises at sunrise
And the first quarter at noon.
The Full Moon always rises at sunset
And the last quarter at midnight.

Moonrise takes place about 50 minutes later each day than the day before. The New Moon can not be seen because the illuminated side faces away from the earth. This occurs when the Moon lines up between the Earth and the Sun.

Sources:  Gardener's Desk Reference, Anne Halpin, 1996 ISBN 0-02-860397-4, The Old Farmer's 2000 Almanac, by Robert B. Thomas


  Gardening by the Moon
Gardening by the Moon is a planting guide that shows you the best days for planting by the phase and sign of the moon. This valuable resource lists seasonal garden activities for each month, and tells you when to plant. This unique product is available in 3 versions to match your growing season and will delight avid gardeners!

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