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Rose Care Basics
Tips for Healthier Plants

RoseRoses have the reputation of being very hard to grow in Florida. The basics of rose care are: water, fertilize, treat for insects and diseases, and prune. For beautiful roses throughout the year, follow these tips:

For the best show of roses, water frequently throughout the summer. To discourage black spot, mildew and fungus, water in the morning and avoid wetting the leaves.

During the spring and fall, water your roses twice a week with up to 1" of water. In hot summer weather, water twice a week with up to 2" of water.

Fertilize monthly throughout August with a fertilizer formulated for roses.

Spray weekly with Funginex or Immunox to control powdery mildew and black spot. To rid your roses of insects, use a systemic rose care product such as Malathion, Orthenex, or Diazinon.

When spraying for insects and disease, be sure to coat the undersides of the leaves, since many if the diseases and insects that infest roses live there.

Six hours of sun a day helps your roses stay healthy. Morning sun is best because it dries the dew off the leaves, helping to prevent fungus diseases.

Keep flowers cut to encourage renewed flowering on hybrid tea and floribunda roses. Remove spent rose blooms or trim fresh fresh rose blooms for display by pruning 1/4" above a branch with a cluster of five leaves. Cut at a 45 angle.


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