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Last Update 06/03/08

The "Heart Hoe"™

Patented tool helps take the strain out of gardening

The Disc-Hoe "Heart"™ makes gardening and landscaping easier. This high quality tool, manufactured in Fort Myers, is long-handled with bright red heart-shaped blades.

The Disc-Hoe "Heart"™ is four tools in one that can be used to:

  • Remove sod
  • Lay sprinkler lines
  • Border trees & flower beds
  • Create paths or walkways 
  • Weed beds
  • Edge beds
  • Dig planting holes

I tested it in the FloridaGardener test gardens and was very impressed. The tool is quite substantial and very well made: The long extendable handle is made of quality hardwood while the interchangeable blades are made of 12 gauge steel. The tool is well-balanced which makes it very easy to work with in the yard and gardens (I especially recommend it if you have a bad back or neck that makes gardening difficult for you). The manufacturer is so sure that this will be the very best garden tool you have ever used that they offer an unconditional money back guarantee. The tool carries a lifetime warranty so if you are not satisfied with it (you will love the Disc-Hoe "Heart"™, believe me) you can return it for a full "No questions asked" refund.

"Heart" Blades

Three heart shaped blades are available:

  • The "Country Heart" (right) weeds flower beds, removes sod, edges and digs planting holes. This blade is a favorite of professional landscapers and best suited for larger landscapes and gardens. Size -- 7 1/2" x 7 1/2".
  • The "Sunflower Heart" (left) offers the same uses as the country heart and is well suited for average size yards and gardens. Size -- 6" x 6".
  • The "Strawberry Heart" (middle) is designed for pulling weeds with the "V" from close areas such as perennial flower beds or mulched beds. Size -- 4" long x 3" wide.

Two other blades are available:

  • The "Crack 'R' Jack" is a handy little tool used to "uproot"  grass and weeds from the cracks in your walks and driveway, brick patios and stepping stones.
  • A Pruning Saw Blade cuts on the "pull". You can attach it to the long handle for tree work or to the short handle for close work.

For more information, pricing, and where you can purchase the Disc-Hoe "Heart"™, visit hearthoe.com.

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