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Green Search Engines

Search the World Wide Web -- Save A Tree!

Sure you love Google or Yahoo to search the world wide web, but wouldn't it be great if you could search the internet and plant rainforests without getting bitten by mosquitoes, or even getting your hands dirty?

Well, now there are two "green" search engines on the web which allow you to do exactly that:

Ecoogler.com is powered by either "Yahoo technology" or "Google technology" (who's technology is not clear as both are mentioned) and helps reforesting trees and safeguarding water resources in the Amazon region. Based in Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain, the search engine works in association with AQUAVERDE -- a non-profit association founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2002.

The goal of  AQUAVERDE is to "promote and support all initiatives thriving to bring a new dimension to the interaction between human society and environment, in the perspective of sustainable development and dignity of People. The association concentrates its efforts in priority to the safeguard of water resources in the Amazon region, which constitute today one fourth of the fresh water reserves of our planet." AQUAVERDE supports reforestation projects as an economic alternative to deforestation.

Every time you do a web search in Ecoogler "you contribute symbolically to reforest one leaf". For every 10,000 searches, Ecoogler and AQUAVERDE plant a tree in the Amazon. Exactly how this works is not clear from the information given on the website, but the AQUAVERDE web site offers a link to a very cool interactive Google Earth map of their projects in Amazonia.

The ecological search engine

Click the image above to do a "Green Search" on Ecoogler

Ecocho.com is a web site based in Sydney, Australia which is powered by "Yahoo technology". Ecocho is more honest in explaining how its program works: "For every 1000 searches users make on Ecocho we'll counter balance or 'offset' a ton of greenhouse gases."

The people behind Ecocho admit that the company is not a charity or non-profit organization, that it is an "environmentally-focused" business and that they run the project as a "carbon-neutral entity". Their stated long-term goal "is to fund hundreds of thousands of trees and eventually other carbon-reduction projects (e.g. renewable energy technologies)".

Click the image above to do a "Green Search" on Ecocho

Ecocho also states that their program is audited by KPMG who will run quarterly and final year-end audits on the amount of carbon credits purchased and "retired" by the company. They are also straight-forward in stating that their carbon credits provider is Global Carbon Exchange, who purchases credits only from the official, government controlled New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme.

Ecocho invites skeptics to "check [their] carbon offset credits for yourself". They also kindly provide an interactive map of where their carbon credit plantations are located -- Find Ecocho's Trees.

To change Kermit the Frog's saying a bit, it certainly looks like it is getting easier every day to be green. Why not consider book-marking either Ecocho or Ecoogler and using them as your alternative "green" search engines. After all, it won't cost you a dime and you may end-up helping to neutralize Mother Earth's big old dirty carbon problem.




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