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Attract Wildlife to Your Backyard

In our increasingly urban world, birds, toads and other wildlife are hard-pressed to find adequate sources of food, water, and shelter. Your garden or home landscape can play a significant role in providing for wildlife-simply follow these easy steps from the American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA) to create a rich and sustaining wildlife habitat.

Wildlife Tip #1: Plant a wide variety of trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses so birds and other animals can feast on nuts, acorns, seeds and berries. Use fertilizers and pesticides with care-they can be harmful to birds and animals.



Wildlife Tip #2: Provide water with bird baths or a small trickling fountain that recycles the water it uses. All creatures need a source of clean water for drinking, and some, such as toads, frogs, and dragonflies, live in water in the early stages of their lives.

Wildlife Tip #3: Plant flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs in varying heights and densities to provide a safe place for wildlife to hide from predators. Choose plants that grow well in your local climate, and consider how much sun, wind and rain your lawn or garden receives. Remember, the experts at your local garden center will be happy to provide advice on plant selection.


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