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  Non-Commercial Destinations of Additional Interest on the Web (please report dead links)

The Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF): Services and activities to encourage and promote the traditional art of bonsai throughout Florida and neighboring states in the Southeastern section of the United States.

Bonsai Mary: Mary C. Miller shares her knowledge of 30+ years of creating bonsai in Florida and more.

Daisy Paradise"A colourful site for everyone who loves daisies. With lots of information on propagation, botany, plant care and many photographs of your favourite daisy plants." From our gardening friends across the ocean in Great Britain.

Dominica Botanic GardensRoseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies -- "The Dominica Botanic Gardens was once considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. And while the ravages of recent hurricanes have dimmed its luster somewhat, it is still a spectacular sight. This website is intended to bring the beauty and serenity of the Gardens to Dominicans at home and abroad, and to share this with Garden enthusiasts throughout the world."

emilycompost.com: "An internet plot with a garden of information. Come grow with us."

eNature.com: "eNature.com is the web's premier destination for information about the wild animals and plants of the United States."

Florida Agriculture: Excellent, must see site regarding Florida Agriculture. Free publications available!

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.: "If you love flowers and gardening and would like to get acquainted with others who feel the same way.... JOIN A GARDEN CLUB."

Florida Lawn Handbook: From the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service -- Valuable information regarding all aspects of Florida Turf Grass management including varieties of grass, insect and weed control, fertilization and other cultural information.

Florida's Online Composting Center: "Composting is fun, good for the environment, and good for the soul.  Learn how to compost in Florida, and other great information on building or buying bins, and compost happenings (events) around the state.  Interactive games, searchable database, links."

Garden.org: The National Gardening Association

Heimwerker.de: "Das Portal für Heimwerken, Gartenarbeit und Renovieren, Aktuelle Beratungsthemen, Anleitungen für do-it-yourself"

Horticulturist.com: "What? A service site with no visible means of support. An idiosyncratic magazine. Covert publicity for the editor. Sound, practical advice for the asking."

How-To-Grow-Orchid.com: "Quality information and tips on how to grow prize winning orchids."

japanese-gardens.us.: "Peaceful Japanese Gardens and the art of miniature gardening."

Kidsgardening.com: "helping young minds grow"

Morningside Nature Center: A new website for all 7 of Gainesville's city Nature Parks.

HurricaneCenter.com: "The HURRICANE WEATHER CENTER© provides this website as a public service to the community. Its use is completely free of user-charges and presented with the intent that the general community can derive some benefit from the information posted here."

Nature in the City: "A resource created by the City of Orlando that highlights native flowers, shrubs and trees that grow well in the Central Florida area."

Osteospermum -- The African Daisy: "Lots photographs and information on propagation, botany and plant care of this popular daisy plant. There is also a free Osteospermum screensaver available." From our gardening friends across the ocean in Great Britain.

PepperClicks: A guide to "Everything from seeds to salsas."

PlantCare.com: "A database of over 1,300 species of House and Greenhouse Plants which provides 18 categories of care, from watering to lighting."

The Gardener's Network: "Our goal is to provide you with reliable, high quality, and thorough information in an informative, yet light hearted manner."

The Weather Channel

The Weekend Gardener: "A smart, beautiful gardening site filled with pictures and articles by industry professionals for gardeners of all levels."

The Wise Gardener: "thewisegardener.com is about classic beauty! Beauty of all things 'tropical'; lush & leafy flora, exotic travel destinations, and the eternal beauty of unfettered man!"

Transplanted Gardener: "Ginny Stibolt, a naturalist with a master's degree in plant taxonomy, moved from Maryland to Green Cove Springs in northern Florida. These are her adventures in gardening. Follow along and learn with Ginny as she tackles a wide range of gardening and environmental subjects from butterfly gardening, plant mythology, stinkhorn fungi, to rain barrels and more..."

Turfhelp.com: "Turf help for your lawn grass."


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