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Last Update 06/03/08
Plant of the Month

 Majesty Palm

 Ravenea glauca and R. rivularis

The Majesty Palm is a very shade tolerant palm that will reach 10' in height very quickly.  It grows and looks best situated under a canopy of tall trees.  Its greatest drawback is its requirement to be fertilized frequently to maintain a healthy green color.  Majesty Palm is native to Madagascar.  Of the tribe Ceroxyleae, and subfamily Ceroxyloideae it is also known by the botanic names Ravenea glauca and R. rivularis

Majesty Palm
Majesty Palm



Common Name:  Majesty Palm

Botanical Name:  Ravenea glauca and R. rivularis

Subfamily:  Ceroxyloideae

Plant Type:  Solitary Robust Palm Tree

Origin:  Madagascar

Zones: 10 - 11

Height:  15-80'

Rate of Growth: Fast to 10' then slowing

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

Soil Requirements:  Widely adaptable

Water Requirements: Moderate

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate to High

Light Requirements: Moderate, High

Form:  Solitary, robust.  Trunk gray, swollen at base and gradually tapering upward.

Leaves:  Pinnately compound, reduplicate, erect at first then arching, twisted near apex; with numerous crowded narrow ribbed leaflets.

Inflorescence: Short, born among leaves

Fruits: Red

Pests or diseases:  None

Uses:  Specimen tree

Bad Habits: Heavy feeder, does best under high canopy of trees

Cost:  $$ - $$$ -- reasonable to expensive

Propagation:  Seed, germinates in 2-3 months

Source:  Betrocks Guide to Landscape Palms

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