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Plant of the Month

Scadoxus katharinae

 African Blood lily

This rhizomatous perennial is in the same family as Hippeastrum (see African Hippeastrum 'Merry Christmas'). It is native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The distinguishing features of this plant include the flower-head, wavy-margined leaves, and yellow, red, or orange berries.  Of the family Amaryllidaceae it is cultivated for its beautiful and colorful flowers.

Scadoxus, Blood lily


Plant Facts:

Common Name:   African Blood lily, Blood lily

Botanical Name:   Scadoxus katharinae

Family:  Amaryllidaceae

Plant Type:  Large perennial flower from rhizome.

Origin: South Africa

Zones: 8 - 10

Height:  to 4'

Rate of Growth: Slow from seed

Salt Tolerance: Low

Soil Requirements:  Rich, moist, but well-drained soil

Water Requirements: Medium drought tolerance

Nutritional Requirements: Balanced liquid fertilizer monthly, side dressings of composted manure

Light Requirements: Full sun to dappled shade (plants bloom poorly in excessive shade).

Form:  Rhizomatous perennial

Leaves:  12" long, rich green, wavy. Plants need winter rest -- leaves may die back to the ground, but no need to lift in Florida

Flowers: Spectacular, showy, red

Fruits: Globe shaped capsule which bursts revealing large seeds.

Pests or diseases:  Tolerant of most pests and diseases

Uses:  Cut flowers, can be used in beds, low borders, patio pots or planters, ground cover, mass planting, naturalizing, also as indoor house plants

Bad Habits: 

Cost:  $$ -- Very reasonable

Propagation:  Offsets, rhizomes, or by seed


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