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Plant of the Month

Bulnesia arborea

 Vera Wood

Vera Wood or Bulnesia arborea is an evergreen tree native to Colombia and Venezuela.  Of the family Zygophyllaceae it is cultivated for its buttery-yellow flowers and valuable hard and heavy timber called Vera Wood or Maracaibo Lignum Vitae.  Vera Wood was introduced from Venezuala to South Florida by Dr. David Fairchild.



Plant Facts:

Common Name:  Vera Wood

Botanical Name:  Bulnesia arborea

Family:  Zygophyllaceae

Plant Type:  Evergreen tree

Origin: Colombia and Venezuela

Zones: 9-11, good to 40F, lower temperatures may cause defoliation

Height:  40-100'

Rate of Growth: Slow to Medium

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

Soil Requirements:  Any with good drainage

Water Requirements: Very drought tolerant, additional watering not needed once established

Nutritional Requirements: Fertilize twice yearly

Light Requirements: Full sun

Form:  Large well shaped tree

Leaves:  Dark green, compound pinnate

Flowers: Buttery-yellow double flowers produced at branch tips -- Spring, Summer and Fall

Fruits: Winged pods twice yearly

Pests or diseases:  None

Uses:  Specimen plant, shade tree

Bad Habits: None

Cost:  $$ - $$$ -- reasonable to expensive.  Not widely available.

Propagation:   Seeds or air layering

Sources: Flowering Trees of Florida

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