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Grow A Vegetable Garden

The Container Garden

Growing your vegetables in containers may be the best method for you if:

  • This will be your first garden
  • You do not have a lot of time to devote to gardening
  • You are for some reason not able to do much more due to space or other restrictions

The strong point for container gardening is the control you have over your garden -- you can move your plants where and when you want, you can mix your plants' soil to their exact requirements and containers may be the only alternative if all you have is a patio or balcony.

Almost any kind of container may be used, be it plastic, metal, or terracotta as long as it has good drainage.

Planting a container garden is easy, simply select a container, keeping in mind the mature size of the plant you will put into it.  Put some gravel or pottery shards in the bottom of container for drainage, pour in the potting soil then plant your vegetable seeds or vegetable plants.  Water well and feed as required.

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