Crinum Lily, Giant Lily or Spider Lily

The Crinum Lily is a spectacularly huge lily. It grows rapidly to over 5′ high with 5′ long sword to strap shaped leaves.  The plant is native to the tropics and subtropics, some species are native to Florida. Of the family Amaryllidaceae it is cultivated for its beautiful, fragrant flowers, and enormous size.

Plant Facts:

Common Name:  Crinum Lily or Spider Lily

Botanical Name:   Crinum species

Family:  Amaryllidaceae

Plant Type:  Large perennial herb with tunicate bulbs, often with long necks, stalkless, often clump forming

Origin: Tropical and subtropical Asia and Africa, some species come from Florida and the dryer regions of South Africa and the arid Middle East

Zones: 8 – 11


Height:  5′ or more

Rate of Growth: Fast

Salt Tolerance: Medium

Soil Requirements:  Average, well-drained soil

Water Requirements: Requires regular watering

Nutritional Requirements: Balanced liquid fertilizer monthly

Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade

Form:  Clump forming herb

Leaves:  5′ long, light green, fleshy, thick

Flowers: Bisexual, white, pink red, some striped or multicolored, summer-fall, some fragrant at night

Fruits: Capsule, green, spherical, seeds globose

Pests or diseases:  Leaf spots, caterpillars, grasshoppers

Uses:  Border, pot plant, bedding plant

Bad Habits: Foliage damaged by frost, but recovers rapidly

Cost:  $$ — Very reasonable

Propagation:  Seeds are slow to germinate and reach flowering size, division recommended

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