I installed a Faerie Door. What is a Faerie Door you ask? Well if you know what a Faerie is and you know what a door is, you essentially have the answer to your question. A Faerie Door is, of course, an entrance for Faeries to your home.

I was inspired to build and install one of these doors after reading about the “Faerie Doors of Ann Arbor” (http://urban-fairies.com/). I was also intrigued by them as I have been fashioning my yard after some stylized South Florida Bavarian Garten complete with an original Pennsylvania Dutch Distelfink Hex above my garage door and plastic audioanimatronic waving gnome in my front yard. A Faerie Door would go perfectly next to our front door, just below the painted stencil vine I have growing up the house. I hear you giggling and thinking my yard is probably kitschy as hell. But it makes me happy, it makes my wife happy and my friends and neighbors scratch their heads in wonderment, or perhaps that’s bewilderment.


Why would I want to invite Faeries into my home? After all, are Faeries not tricky beings that should be treated with caution? Aren’t they very distrustful of humans and have an intense dislike of us? Don’t they think it is riot to cause mischief? Hide keys, socks and remotes? Cause flowers to wilt, milk to sour, your best cookies to disappear and your soda to go flat and warm?

Nah, I don’t believe all of that silly mumbo-jumbo. But yet, I have to wonder about the odd little things that have been happening around my house since I installed the Faerie Door.

For instance, the Fairy Rings growing in my yard. “The name Fairy Ring comes from an old folk tale… People once believed that mushrooms growing in a circle followed the path made by fairies dancing in a ring.”


More evidence is the chip taken off of the corner of my house. This is said to take place when the corners of a human’s home protrude into the space of a Faerie Path. The Wee Folk get tired of forgetting to duck and invariably whack their tiny noggins on the protruding edge. They become fed up with the bumps on their heads and eventually knock the corner off of your house to get it out of their way.


The next odd little thing I noticed is what must be a Faerie Path guide point. Two feathers sticking up out of my lawn like a couple of flags. The feather on the left looks to be from a grackle while the one on the right looks like it is from a mockingbird.


I will be keeping an eye open for more signs of Faeries in my garden and will post them here as I find them.

Happy Gardening!